August 26th marked the 3rd annual gathering for the Rose Mountain Rumble (RMR).  And what a day we had!  Over 120 riders registered and just about 106 rode this Rumble, riding their choice of 20, 40, 50 mile or 100 km courses.  Once again, it was wonderful to see many of our friends and familiar faces at the 3rd Annual gathering of the RMR.  And we’re proud that about 2/3 of our registrants were new to the ride!  So we were shaking lots of new hands and introducing many newcomers to our little piece of the pie here in Southern NH.  The sun was shining and clear blue skies abounded as riders departed at 9am sharp to enjoy the classic rock wall lined roads that New England claims as its own.  And as in years past, net proceeds from the Rumble support the conservation work of the Piscataquog Land Conservancy.  The proceeds from this year’s ride will go towards PLC’s current effort to protect about 90 acres of land right here in Lyndeborough. So a hearty thank you to one and all who contributed and took part in the 2017 RMR.


All of the courses have been designed to maximize fun.  There’s challenges sprinkled in and among each route with rewards that pay off to scenic views of the Piscataquog Watershed and surrounding communities.  You’re “out there” without ever truly being lost.  The classic 20 mile course was back boasting 27 registered riders as of the cut off date the night before the ride took place.  The 40/50 mile boasted 51 riders while the 100k (~64 miles) saw 34 determined soles take flight to complete this adventure.   Lots of smiles and good cheer were observed throughout the ride.  One observation was upon returning to Old Town Hall at Lyndeborough Center was the smell wafting up and over Center Road as the Town Hall came into sight.  Our very own Wilton Lyndeborough Women’s Club had one heck of lunch spread going and the grill was working over time.  All fresh ingredients and boy did it hit the spot!  Riders were gathered under the tent for tall tales, ride stories and general conversation along with the shared satisfaction of a good meal post ride.  Our “Lunch Ladies” really surpassed themselves with the lunch they provided.

So thank you to one and all who participated and contributed to the 3rd Annual Rose Mountain Rumble.  A special thank you to ALL of our volunteers.  We literally cannot do this without you.  Those of you who could not make the ride but still contributed: THANK YOU.   The PLC’s good work in land conservation and natural resources preservation helps to make such an event like the RMR that much more special as many of the routes traverse and bisect many of the land parcels that the PLC has protected over the years.  It’s essential work to protect our natural resources and watershed, and the team that makes up the RMR is proud to bring to light that good work to participants all across New England and in this years case as far as Hong Kong.  We hope to see you, and many of your friends next year for the 4th Annual RMR.  We’ve set the date for August 25, 2018.  So don’t forget that date!  Mark your calendars and till next year, enjoy the ride.